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Nike launches to showcase virtual creations

Recently we wrote about an upcoming site from Nike on its dotBrand domain, promising “a safe and secure platform for you to discover, collect, and create virtual products.”

This week went live, announcing the beta phase of a new blockchain-based platform where users can “learn about, collect and eventually help co-create virtual creations, which are typically interactive digital objects such as virtual shoes or jerseys.”

While the world of NFTs and digital collectables is complex and confusing to some, inclusivity and diversity of perspectives are at the forefront of Nike’s messaging. This promises future opportunities for people to take part in developing virtual products and even earn a royalty on sales.

As we wrote previously, the use of a .nike domain for this new platform aligns the dotBrand with their focus on digital innovation and also puts an emphasis on security. Nike’s press release explains that the custom domain will “ensure a safe, trusted space” for interacting with virtual products.

With a wide range of media coverage of the announcement, this is a significant and high-profile example of dotBrand usage from one of the world’s most prominent and recognisable brands. It will no doubt continue to support awareness and understanding of branded domains and their role in marketing and innovation.

Nike’s virtual creations launch officially in 2023.

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