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About dotBrands

What is a dotBrand, what does it do and how does my organisation acquire one? 

What is a dotBrand? And does your organisation need one? 

A dotBrand puts you in control of your own digital landscape at the root of the Internet. It is your platform to create a secure, digital landscape in the shape that you want, supporting your business needs and customer experiences to deliver your products and services. It provides flexibility to adapt as your business grows and responds to future opportunities and innovation. 

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Already have a dotBrand and want to tap into its potential? We have membership that caters to both.

Applying for your dotBrand


To obtain you unique space at the root of the Internet you will need to submit an application to ICANN, the body that administers the root of the Internet and controls the policies for domain names. The application windows are periodic and the process includes strict evaluations to ensure the security, stability and resilience of the Internet will be maintained.  

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Launching your dotBrand



Once the evaluation process is completed and your dotBrand approved, you can begin to prepare for the launch your registry. Prior to going live, your dotBrand will undertake pre-delegation testing, ensuring the technical requirements have been implemented. You will also need to fulfil specific requirements as a registry operator when you activate your dotBrand. 

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Boost business creation and value



There are many ways a dotBrand can support and develop your business, ensuring you derive value on an ongoing basis. With your registry now live, you will also need to ensure the various obligations of your Registry contract are met to ensure it operates in compliance with ICANN policies. 

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