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Joining the BRG

Organisations may join the BRG as a Regular Member or an Associate Member.

Regular Member is an organization that has delegated one or more dotBrand top-level domain registries and has entered into a Registry Agreement with ICANN.

An Associate Member is an organisation that is intending to apply and operate a dotBrand top-level domain registry sometime in the future.


What is a dotBrand top-level domain registry?

These are delegated top-level domains that are identical to an organisation name or brand that the organisation owns or has rights in.




What other criteria are required for BRG membership?

The organisation’s operational interest is outside the domain name industry and it does not intend to sell second-level domain names to the general public.

Its dotBrand TLD is in furtherance of an operational interest and it represents a trademark the organisation owns or has rights in prior to application.

The organisation’s dotBrand TLD will be limited for use by the Registry Operator and its authorised Affiliates and Trademark Licensees.




Annual Membership Fees

Regular Membership is $5000 and Associate Membership is $3500.

BRG Membership runs from January to December and is non-refundable. In order to qualify for the member registration rate for a BRG event, your organisation must be a member in good standing at the time the event is held.




Join or to get more information

To find out more or to get a membership application pack, please contact us at:

info [@]


Our Members
















Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

JPMorgan Chase



Philips International





TVS & Sons


and more

The Value of Membership

The BRG helps companies and organisations derive maximum value from their dotBrand and keep ahead of the evolving domain industry as it affects dotBrands






The voice of dotBrands

The BRG advocates for dotBrand registry operators and applicants. We raise awareness of the distinct new dotBrand model. We are an Associate Member of ICANN’s Registry Stakeholder Group and represent the collective BRG members on policy and operational matters.

Our Advocacy is not limited to ICANN – the BRG is a legal entity outside of ICANN so our influence carries to the broader domain industry.


The level of participation is up to you. Each organisation has different priorities and available resources. We work with you and your needs. As a member-led organisation we have regular monthly members’ meetings. There are a variety of committees and working groups.

Associate members are entitled to participate in members’ meetings and activities, but cannot vote or serve on the Board.



Information Sharing

A key benefit of joining the BRG is access to relevant and timely information and developments on dotBrand registry operations. BRG members are experts in their field, and we share information and provide opportunities to ask questions. We have a wealth of experience about applying for and successfully acquiring a dotBrand domain name. Our members receive a regular BRG newsletter to keep track of latest events and information and a quarterly dotBrand Trends & Analysis Report keeps them up to date with the evolving dotBrand landscape.



Best Practices

The BRG develops and organises materials to help its members operate a registry. We assist members in maximising the return on their top-level domain investment. Members have access to specific best practice information for dotBrands.





The BRG provides you with access to peers across different sectors, all with an interest in operating and developing their dotBrand registries. Networking opportunities include BRG members, ICANN leaders, the domain name community, and government and industry specialists.


Access to events

Members enjoy access to events and workshops organised or in partnership with the BRG. These are often free or at discounted rates for members.

“The BRG helps me understand the complexities of ICANN and its multistakeholder model”
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