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Applying for your dotBrand

Preparation is key to a successful application.


Applying for your dotBrand 

Preparation is key to a successful application. In the last round of applications in 2012, organisations needed to provide detailed information about their corporate structure, business and financial plans for their dotBrand along with the technical operations to support the registry. Each application was then evaluated and processed according to a set of rules contained in the Applicant Guidebook.

The Applicant Guidebook (AGB) is the set of rules and processes created by ICANN for new gTLD applicants. It specifies what information is required to apply, the financial and legal commitments and what to expect during the evaluation period. Whilst there are some AGB changes for the next round to the AGB are anticipated expectedfor the next application round, most of the rules from last time will remain the same or be similar. You can review the previous AGB here.

Who can apply for a dotBrand?



Any established public or private organization that meets the eligibility requirements anywhere in the world can apply to create and operate a new gTLD registry, including a dotBrand.

What are the costs for applying and operating a dotBrand? 

ICANN’s application fee was $185k in 2012. This was payable upon submission of the application during a four-month period referred to as an ‘application window’ when applications are accepted. ICANN estimates the fee on a cost-recovery basis, although the volume of applications will not be known until the application window closes. Many within the industry expect some streamlining of processes and experience gains from the last round and expect these fees to be lower than the fee charged in 2012.

When considering the costs of applying and operating a dotBrand, prospective applicants will need to factor in other fees that to cover technical back-end provider services, escrow agent, ongoing ICANN fees, etc..


Where can I get help to prepare an application? 

Navigating the rules and processes to achieve a successful application can be challenging and requiring a deep knowledge and understanding of ICANN, its policies and contractual terms, as well as meeting the technical and financial requirements to support your dotBrand registry.

Many applicants in 2012 worked with experienced consultants from the domain name industry to help assess, prepare and successfully attain their dotBrand applications. Whilst the BRG does not provide application services, its members have considerable experience of working with a variety of consultants in the 2012 round of New gTLDs.

When will I need to begin preparing an application for the next round?



ICANN is now starting to plan the next round but has not yet announced any dates on when the application window will open. With the potential for the next round to begin in 2023 and combined with a complex and lengthy process, now is the right time to start internal discussions and assess whether to apply.

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