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Updated: Nov 8, 2022

It’s not often we celebrate a site before it’s even fully launched, but an incoming asset from Nike promises to be a truly unique use of a dotBrand.

The site is Nike’s first resolving dotBrand domain and takes visitors to a landing page with a large, animated dot and swoosh emblem. The site declares that “a new experience from Nike is coming soon” with the current status as “Building: we’re building a safe and secure platform for you to discover, collect, and create virtual products.”

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2022, Nike is putting a huge emphasis on showcasing its history while also looking to the future and promising innovation. The landing page loads with the words “The first 50 years were special. And the next 50 we’re going to create together” so it appears its dotBrand will play a role in that future. This campaign is not only part of its marketing but is receiving media coverage which will undoubtedly broaden its reach.

Nike’s ‘swoosh’ emblem is one of the world’s most prominent examples of visual branding, with the logo worth billions of dollars alone. Aligning such an important part of its brand with its dotBrand domain suggests something big to come.

The emphasis on safety and security in Nike’s message is worth noting as well. One major benefit of a dotBrand is that it is a closed ecosystem owned solely by your organization, so no one outside the brand can register domains. This can then become part of the message to your customers: if it ends in our dotBrand, you can trust that it’s a legitimate and safe place to interact with us.

Nike’s landing site promises the ability to ‘discover, collect and create virtual products,’ suggesting customers will be transacting on the site and security will be a major selling point.

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