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ICANN78 - BRG Open Session Video

The Next Round is Coming: Time to Develop a Strategy

Timelines | Lessons Learned | Why and How Engaging Internally is Critical to Your Success

Now, 11 years since the 2012 round, ICANN has firmed up the timelines for the next application round.

We have learned a lot on how medium and large organizations need to think, plan, and execute to be successful owning and operating a trusted, proprietary, brand authentic space on the internet.

In this session the BRG has assembled a group of presenters on this theme.

Crews Gore: BRG President, FOX

Introduction | Timelines | 2012 v 2026 | Why Internal Stakeholder Engagement is Critical

Martin Kuechenthal: BRG Board Director, LEMARIT GmbH, Germany

European and North American Brands: Key Differences and Observations

Peter LaMantia: BRG Board Director. Authentic Web Inc.

Engaging Internal Stakeholders; Product Introduction Process: From Ideation to Go-To-Market

Nisha Parkash: Head of Domain Management, Sky

.sky Strategy and Corporate Domain Name Management Experience

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