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dotBrands in the Wild:

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Google is no stranger to using its dotBrand domain for creative and targeted microsites – and it stands to reason that one of the world’s most prominent and innovative tech companies has been an early adopter of branded domains.

The latest dotBrand venture from Google is one close to its heart as an organization – online safety and security.

Today’s consumers are more security-conscious than ever before and the new site safety.googleprovides an easy platform to share Google’s products, services and features related to security and privacy online.

From the page, users can complete a ‘Security Checkup’ and find out more about the safety features built-in to their favourite platforms such as Google Search, Gmail, YouTube and Google Maps. Through the ‘Leadership’ tab, Google also outlines its efforts to innovate in the cyber security space and educate users to be safer online.

Using its dotBrand domain for this site also sends a very strong message: placing Google and safety side-by-side and emphasising the importance of security to the brand. In fact, the safety.googledomain even appears offline, featuring heavily in out-of-home advertising campaigns.

Google has been a strong example of dotBrand usage since their introduction, using a clever combination of standalone sites and redirecting domains. With around half of its relatively small portfolio of .google domains in use, they pack a punch by showcasing Google products, highlighting important corporate social responsibility focuses and sharing information on unique features and projects that the Google corporation is exploring.

For example, the domain mimics the words used to interact with Google Assistant services and naturally takes users to more information on how they work, while, similarly showcase its products.

In a similar vein to, some of the company’s other important focus areas are featured, and

Perhaps most excitingly, .google is being used to share information on Google’s newest projects and innovations, embedding the dotBrand in the company’s culture of innovation and inventiveness. The site looks at how Google is developing products and services for the newest internet users, while outlines its vision for artificial intelligence and “developing tools to ensure that everyone can access AI.”

This clear, intuitive use of dotBrand domains to align important projects and topics with the Google brand is the reason the search engine is already a leader in dotBrand domains and one to continue to watch.

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