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BRG Analysis: Lamborghini’s dotBrand

The automotive industry is one of the world’s leaders in dotBrands, combining its global brands, technical savvy and culture of innovation into a perfect environment for dotBrand usage.

One such example of this is Lamborghini, with 244 dotBrand domains and 198 of these in use (more than 80%) across standalone web pages and redirecting URLs.

A large portion of Lamborghini’s active domains are city names, leading to landing pages with information on local dealerships and services in various countries. These sites, such as, and, create simple shortcuts for customers to find information relevant to them.

This is a tactic we’ve seen from many brands. Lamborghini executes this elegantly and creates a unique opportunity to encourage a new customer behavior: by teaching visitors they can ‘search’ within Lamborghini’s online environment by entering their location followed by .lamborghini. This bypasses search engines and can even allow brands greater insight into customers’ browsing patterns.

Lamborghini also has a number of other domains in use, such as which redirects to the history page of its website, which leads to information on the Super Trofeo championship race series and, a landing page for the Huracán EVO RWD Spyder sports car.

The Italian-founded luxury car brand is owned by Volkswagen Group, which utilizes dotBrand domains across a number of its automotive brands including Volkswagen, Audi and Bentley. Lamborghini is leading not just in luxury car manufacturing but also online innovation with its dotBrand use. With VW Group’s clear investment in this space, it will be fascinating to see what comes next.

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